It begins..

Our little project kicked off when Chris (Keeper of the Peak & Peak District MTB) and Simon (Ride Sheffield) got together to discuss Cut Gate and what our mountain bike groups could do. We decided that it was far too much to take on alone, so produced a small booklet outlining what we saw as the issues and making some suggestions.

Click the cover to download the pdf of the booklet, have a read!

We were asked to present this booklet at the Peak District Local Access Forum in March 2017, along with some other Ride Sheffield and Peak MTB projects. It was very well received, with several comments supporting our inclusive, cross user group approach. The minutes from that meeting can be seen here.

The booklet was originally intended as a case study – showing mountain bikers in a positive light, as responsible fellow trail users. To receive so much direct support early on was encouraging. Almost as encouraging as what came next….