Who are you?
This page is run by representatives from Ride Sheffield, Peak District MTB and Keeper of the Peak – who all act in the interests of mountain bikers in the Peak District and Sheffield. We’re working with many other groups and organisations, please see our pages on Partners and Supporters.

Why Cut Gate?
Cut Gate has been on the agenda for as long as our groups have existed, but seemed too big a task to take on when we were in our infancy. Now that both Peak District MTB and Ride Sheffield have more experience, contacts and knowledge – now’s the time to act!

Which user groups have you discussed this with?
We’ve discussed our project with almost all user groups at both the Sheffield and Peak District Local Access Forums, who have all been supportive. This includes walkers, climbers, disabled access groups, horseriders and many more.

Are you planning to surface the whole of Cut Gate?
We are not! Our plans are for sensitive works in short sections across the worst boggy sections.

What do you know about moorland path repairs?
We readily admit that we’re not experts, which is why we’re pleased that works are led by the Moors for the Future Partnership, with input from the Rights of Way team at Peak Park.

£75,000 sounds like a lot of money!
It’s a significant amount of money, yes – but goes to show just how much it takes to carry out works on exposed and difficult to access moorlands.

What’s the timescale?
At this stage, we don’t know when works can begin. The BMC Mend our Mountains campaign runs until October 2018 and we’re very much hoping that the Cut Gate project will be fully funded by then.